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১৫০০ টাকা পর্যন্ত ক্যাশব্যাক। রুটফাইভ Canon LBP 6030 প্রিন্টার , Epson l3210 , Epson l3250 printer এবং hp m22f Monitor ,Hp m24F monitor এ ক্যাশব্যাক অফার চলছে । সীমত সময়ের অফার ।

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Top Leading and Trusted Computer, Laptop and Printer Retail & Online Shop in Bangladesh

We are currently living in the age of science and technology. In today’s world, surviving without technology is nearly impossible. Keeping this objective in mind, Rootfive has come forward to bring technology to people’s doorsteps. Rootfive Bangladesh provides affordable IT products to make technology accessible to everyone. Rootfive Bangladesh is one of the top leading and trusted computer, laptop and printer retail & online shops now. It is located in Uttara near Dhaka. Rootfive Bangladesh is providing all IT products like computer, laptop, printer, computer components, and accessories, etc. Customers can choose their desired product from our official website Rootfive Bangladesh or customers can visit our retail shop physically. We also have smart and experienced technicians who are always ready to service.

Reliable & Best Computer Shop in Bangladesh

In our modern era computer is a vital part of our daily life. School, college, university going students , business man, corporate job holder whatever professional person of any sector need a computer. We can not think of a few moments of our life without it. Our daily important work will be complex without using a computer. Taking this into consideration Rootfive Bangladesh has brought modern and latest computers to the market. We have one of the best and reliable computer shops in bangladesh now. Customers will be introduced with the latest and modern computers by visiting our shop. Customers can choose and buy computers of different brands at the lowest price by Rootfive Bangladesh official website or they have another option to visit our retail shop.

Best Laptop Shop in Bangladesh

Nowadays, laptops play an important role in our everyday lives. Every student, businessman, corporate employee, and professional from any sector needs a laptop. Without laptops, we can’t even imagine a few moments of our life. A laptop is essential for us to carry out our important daily tasks. As a result, Rootfive Bangladesh now offers the latest and most advanced laptops available. We have ASUS,HP, Lenovo laptops in our collections. Our laptop shop is one of the best and most reliable in Bangladesh now. By visiting our shop, customers will be introduced to the latest and most modern laptops. We offer customers the option of choosing and purchasing laptops of different brands at the lowest prices through Rootfive Bangladesh’s official website or by visiting our retail store.

Best Printer shop in Bangladesh

A printer transfers text and graphics from a computer to paper. There are different sizes, speeds, sophistication, and costs of printers. We use printers regularly in our official work. Printers can be classified based on their price and quality. Several, top brands of printers are available in Bangladesh, including Epson, Canon, HP and Brothers. Rootfive offers the best printers at affordable prices in Bangladesh. Our new printers at lower prices come with additional brand warranties, after-sales service, and free home delivery.

Rootfive Bangladesh has one of the best printer shops in Bangladesh. Among the printers we have are the latest brands. Customers can choose and buy their desired printer from Rootfive Bangladesh official website or can visit our retail shop.

Trusted and Best PC Component &  Accessories Shop in Bangladesh

Modern life would not be complete without a personal computer. Living a normal life is so difficult without a personal computer, especially for students and people with corporate jobs. In order to function and process a computer device, a variety of elements are involved. Here are some parts of a personal computer that you should know.

Computer components such as processors, motherboards, RAM, SSDs, power supplies, GPUs, hard drives, CPU coolers, liquid coolers, portable hard drives, and portable SSDs.

The addition of a device to a computer that performs an additional function or feature, but is not required. The printer is one of the most common computer accessories, allowing the computer to print. Even without a printer, a computer can still function.

A computer accessory is also known as a computer peripheral, which can include printers, scanners, and storage devices. To determine which computer peripherals would be best for your business, define your IT requirements and then match the right accessories to them.

Listed below are computer accessories.








Best E-commerce IT Products Retail & Online Shop in BD at Best Price

At present the world is so close to everyone through the internet as well as information & technology. Daily shopping is  now quite possible from home. For this purpose many e-commerce companies have sprung up where you can visit to buy your desired product or you can purchase it online.

Like other products, there are many e-commerce companies in the field of IT products. In our modern era we can not live a single moment without IT products like computer, laptop, printer, tab, router etc and IT accessories also. You can be a student, or teacher, a businessman or a job holder, You need IT products. Now it is quite easy for you to choose or buy IT related products with the help of IT e-commerce companies. 

Rootfive Bangladesh is one of the best e-commerce IT products retail & online shop in BD. It is located in Uttara, near Dhaka. We provide all IT products like desktop computer, laptop, router, printer, monitor and accessories at the best price. You can choose or purchase your desired product from Rootfive Bangladesh official website or you can visit our retail shop. Here, you will find the latest and newest IT products at an affordable price.

Best Gaming PC & Laptop Collection Shop in BD within Your Budget

In the modern era we are living in the age of science and technology. Personal computer, laptops are now available for people through e-commerce IT companies. Gaming PC is very popular with customers, especially students or teenagers. The young generation searching for gaming pc within their budget.

If you want to get the best gaming pc & laptop collection shop in BD within your budget then Rootfive Bangladesh could be a great choice for you. Our retail store is located near Dhaka in Uttara. A huge selection of gaming computers and laptops is available at our store. Here you can visit physically or you can order online through our official website. Our products are reasonably priced, and we offer brand warranties.

Definite After-Sales & Warranty Support

Rootfive Bangladesh is one of the best computer retail shop in Bangladesh. Our motive is to provide the best product with a reasonable price as well as the best service.  As part of our commitment to our customers, we provide the latest IT products and better services. We provide after-sales and warranty support for our customers as well. When a consumer purchases any product from our site or retail shop then they will get this offer.

Why Rootfive May be Your Chosen Best Online Computer Store in Bangladesh.

There are many reasonable reasons why Rootfive BD may be your best choice for buying or choosing your long dreamt gadgets. Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers in the best possible ways. Rootfive BD is committed to providing its customers with all the best options –

1. Free consultancy from our expert for those who are planning to buy computers, laptops and desktop PCs.

2. 7-day replacement or change assurity with a new one if any problem occurs.

3. Free home delivery within 64 districts.

4. Fast online and offline serving solutions.

5. 24/7 online support.


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